Virtual healing

In times of uncertainty and change we need to adapt our thinking as it can shake us to our very core.

So, your head is playing havoc with your heart right now, isolation, or the 24/7 family time is leaving you unhappy, frustrated or deeply sad. Anxiety is coming and going, the mixed messages of do this, don’t do that, sign up to 100 online courses, make use of your time, don’t over-do it, just drink wine is leaving you feeling conflicted, some days you feel like a super hero mofo, others like you are failing on all levels. None of this is doing you any good and all you really want is some quiet time to yourself to rebalance your thought patterns. I can help you with this. I can help you ground down whilst at the same time lift yourself up and get your head straight again, I can help you to bring down your anxiety levels so that you can sleep again, gain clarity in what you are doing and learn coping strategies for you and your whole family.

This isn’t your usual ‘coaching’ I will be combining everything that I value, my years of experience as a holistic coach and therapist to bring you the best possible online healing practice I can.

Between us we will create a beautiful healing space, yes this will mean candles, and music and warmth. You will be asked to create a beautiful nest of peace and good vibes in your own home whilst I generate the healing energy in my space. We will then discuss and find peace with where you are at currently. We can use ho’oponopono, or hypnotherapy, there will be a personalised guided meditation too. I can include beautiful sound therapy and of course there will be distance reiki too. The benefits of these sessions are multi-faceted. Some ‘me’ time, a resettling and grounding of energy, some unpicking and reframing of thoughts that are no longer serving you, and some deep energetic healing for mind, body and soul. I will guide you through our time together so that you will feel relaxed and rejuvenated just as you would post massage.

Covid-19 has pulled the rug out from under me, yet I still carry a deep desire to help people feel their absolute best. I am not able to offer massage during lockdown, yet I know so many people right now will benefit hugely not only from the therapeutic touch of massage but from the time and space to talk, offload, reframe and rebalance emotionally.

Within my standard practice of massage, a huge part of the healing is beyond that of the body, it is holistic because of the work that is done on a deeper level of the mind and soul, and luckily this does not need to be done in person. Allow me to weave together lots of different thought processes and healing practices from the traditional ho’oponopono to the more modern NLP and hypnotherapy.

Having trialled out my online ability to offer distance healing and support I have discovered this is in fact a hugely effective way to support anyone who needs it at this time and beyond lockdown in a virtual capacity. We can connect up, much like the rest of the world online. With the magic of skype where we can work through and connect up the dots so you can not only survive this time but actually use the space to heal on a different, and perhaps deeper level.

Choose peace. Book yourself a beautiful online healing session and step forwards with energy, with love, with connection so that you can meet the challenges of your new reality with gentleness for both yourself and those around you.

Virtual healing session will last for 90 minutes at a cost of £50 during lockdown. This price will be raised to meet my usual hourly rate once lockdown is lifted and life/work resumes.

For further options including ongoing online coaching, personalised ho-oponopono and 3 step rewind please contact me for further details.