Holistic massage on Bodmin Moor nr Launceston

Commitment to Privacy

Massage on the moors is committed to ensuring that your privacy is protected. Should we ever ask you to provide certain information by which you can be identified when using this website, then you can be assured that it will only be used for anonymous technical analytics (or so my website designer tells me) that I do not understand and have no ability to use or abuse. I will also use this information to contact you about the appointment you may have booked should it be necessary.

What we collect
We may collect the following information:
Email address
Phone number
What we do with the information we gather
We require this information so that we can contact you. That’s it. I do not have the ability or desire to sell your information, and your email will simply exist in my inbox along with hundreds of other emails, forgotten about until I need to contact you to perhaps re arrange an appointment, or remind you of your appointment.

Record keeping.
I keep scribbled notes about you to refer to should it be necessary. These notes will mean nothing to anyone, and my handwriting being as bad as it is, nobody else can decipher it. My job as a therapist means I have to ask questions about your health and wellbeing. I listen, I retain information that is pertinent to your massage, and any good tips you give me about holiday destinations and new restaurants or great wine, but anything else is not kept or remembered. It is possible that at some point you might get a “promotional” email off me. If I’m doing something cool and have the time and energy to have a fight with mailchimp you may receive some information from me, or if I am feeling all loved up and generous you may hear of a discount I am offering you, but generally I rely on the fact that you are so blissed out from your treatments with me that you have already booked your next session so won’t bother you with promotions, just the occasional bit of love will come your way.

I do my best to keep your information and this website secure, let’s face it, it’s a massage website, not likely to be a target, but I do everything I can to ensure nothing bad happens to your details, and in all honesty the few bits of info that I do have facebook, google and various other sites will already have so I am not too much of a concern.

How we use cookies
I don’t really understand what a cookie is or does (beyond something tasty with chocolate chips) But my website guy assures me that I need to mention them with regards to web analytics. I believe they are the things that mean everywhere I go on the world wide web seems to know what I have been browsing, which apparently on a subliminal level makes me purchase things I have shown an interest in. No bad thing when I get a fab new pair of shoes, I see it as a form of self love! So buying the stuff you really want that makes you happy is going to be your own responsibility. Oh and on an aside, according to my web guy, if the cookie thing really bothers you, use an ad blocker and a cookie blocker like Ghostery, job done. [ web guy edit - you can also turn off third party cookies in your web browser as well - check your privacy / content settings ]

Links to other websites
I don’t have many of them, and if I do they are not my responsibility. If I do throw a link in it will only be to something lovely, but I am in no way responsible for their sites, security or policies.

Controlling your personal information
The Data Protection Act 1998 says that if you request it I have to provide any information I have about you. This means if you say “please provide any information you have on me” I’ll send you the email you sent me back, presuming I even still have it. I am not organised enough to keep anything beyond your name, email address and contact number, and sometimes not even that. I do not collect personal data other than the means to contact you, but feel free to ask me for your phone number should you ever forget it!