Pregnancy and birth

Pregnancy and birth services

I specialise in all things positive pregnancy and birth, fully understanding that pregnancy and birth can be a tricky landscape to navigate and stay feeling positive and confident. So whether you are looking for pregnancy massage, birth preparation, post-natal nurturing and support or birth trauma recovery I am here to help.

Have a look below at the various services I offer, or come say hi over in my facebook group If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Holistic massage on Bodmin Moor nr Launceston

Pregnancy Massage (1 hour)

Massive congratulations on your pregnancy!

As much as I hope you are feeling well, I completely understand that pregnancy can take a real toll on your body, and quite frankly can be a bit of pain in the bum (quite literally at times!)

Yes, pregnancy is a wonderful and miraculous event, and you should celebrate it at every opportunity. Some people actually flourish and thrive in pregnancy, there are certain conditions such as fibromyalgia, arthritis and ME that can even improve! But for many of us the numerous changes taking place in our bodies can be a challenge to say the least!

So what can holistic massage do for you whilst pregnant?

  • Reduce nausea by balancing your hormones and lowering stress levels
  • Ease the pain of SPD (Symphisis pubis dysfunction) and allow for mindful movement
  • Ease the pain of PGP (Pelvic girdle pain) and allow easier movement
  • Free up muscle spasms that stop you from being able to get up when you have SIJD (Sacro iliac joint dysfunction)
  • Ease the pain of sciatica by reducing muscle tension and inflammation
  • Reduce fluid retention by encouraging and assisting movement of fluid and toxins and supporting venous return
  • Reduce heartburn by lowering stress, and guided dietary tweaks
  • Relieve and reduce headaches by releasing muscle tension and inflammation, and lowering stress levels
  • Reduce and lessen cramps by easing muscle tension and suggested dietary changes
  • Reduce general muscular aches and pains
  • Lower stress and anxiety by offering a non-judgemental listening ear, and giving you the time and space to let go of your worries, easing the body and the mind
  • Aid Optimal foetal presentation, by releasing certain pelvic muscles, and facilitating some deep fear release a breech baby can be encouraged to move gently and of their own accord
  • Promote the start of labour by working through some last minute fears, relaxing the body, balancing of the hormones and really encouraging everything to full into place so that labour can start naturally.

And if none of those things are relevant to you, well done! You must be positively glowing and floating through your pregnancy, but that doesn’t mean you don’t deserve a treat, you are after all growing a human being in there!

Having had specialized training in pregnancy massage with wellmother I am able to offer not only safe, but truly effective massage during pregnancy. Both extensive training and personal experience having suffered with both PGP and SPD in my own pregnancies has left me with a deep understanding of the physical and emotional needs of the pregnant woman.

I continue to work holistically with pregnant clients, offering specific exercises, dietary advice, relaxation techniques and personally tailored treatments, no 2 massages are the same, no 2 people are the same.

Holistic massage on Bodmin Moor nr Launcestn

Post-Natal Massage (90 minutes)

The birth of your baby will bring joy, exhilaration and profound changes and challenges to your life. The body of a new mum has been subjected to enormous strain, feeling stretched, strained and fatigued by the pregnancy and birth exasperated by the sleeplessness of caring for your dependent baby 24/7.

Receiving specialized post-natal massage is a wonderful way to heal, relax and ease your body following your pregnancy & birth. Soothing to stretched muscles and ligaments, increasing blood circulation, and therefore increasing hormone levels which can boost breast milk production whilst lowering the stress hormones by flushing the system which will help induce good deep sleep when you get the chance to!!

But post-natal massage is about more than just relaxation, it is an opportunity to come back to your ‘self’ to have closure on the pregnancy and birth, and this is offered both practically and ‘energetically’. The reiki infused massage that I give will both energise and balance you, giving back some of what was given during your pregnancy and birth.

And another added benefit of post-natal massage is that it can also help to reduce stretch marks and encourage better tone by helping to eliminate fluid retention, leaving you looking and feeling refreshed and glowing.

My years of experience working with post-natal women has enabled me to provide a flexible approach to this treatment, it can be done with your baby, allowing time and space to feed and nurture, or without baby to focus all the attention on you, and give you a break, whichever best suits you at the time. I can also include some tuition in the art of baby massage during this session should you be interested.

Holistic massage on Bodmin Moor nr Launcestn

Intuitive Baby Massage Classes (1 hour)

Intuitive baby massage has always been practiced in the East, the more formalized routines found in the West are a great introduction to massaging your baby but I feel that massaging a baby is an art, deep and simple. Yes there is a technique that can be taught, but it is our mothering instinct that turns this ‘routine’ into something truly special and bonding for both mother and baby.

The classes I teach are more than a routine to be taught, You will learn with your hands, your heart, your whole being. Including relaxation techniques for yourself, reflexology for baby, for you, body awareness encouraging more relaxed parents and calmer babies.

I trained with Peter Walker to be able to teach Baby massage so as to be able to offer a continuation of care to my pregnant clients, I include this in my post-natal massage but do also now offer small classes and one to one lessons. These classes involve absolutely no singing of annoying nursery rhymes, and are a safe non judgmental space for you to talk openly, feel your feelings and open your heart.

If you, or a small group of friends are interested in learning a less formally structured form of baby massage, something far more intuitive and flexible to fit into your life as a new mum then please do contact me to discuss.

Holistic massage on Bodmin Moor nr Launcestn

Traumatic birth recovery

Unfortunately I come across the long term effects of traumatic birth more and more often. PTSD after traumatic birth is a very real and very disturbing psychological injury, it can lead to a number of different responses, the most common being deep sadness, hyper vigilance, depression, anxiety and insomnia. The joy of your new baby is often over shadowed by the feeling and thoughts that are attached to how you were treated during your birth. Traumatic birth doesn’t even have to have been a ‘close to death’ experience. It is how you felt during your birth that has the lasting effects.

If you have experienced a traumatic birth, if you feel that your mood and actions now are not positive, perhaps you are constantly anxious, perhaps you constantly replay your birth in your head, perhaps you feel disconnected from your loved ones, can’t sleep, can’t function properly, then these are all signs of possible PTSD.

I am pleased to say that there is a solution to this sort of injury. The 3 step rewind process is a simple yet hugely effective NLP and hypnosis technique that literally unhooks the emotions attached to your birth experience, allowing the body to reset itself. In just one session the strong negative emotions attached to the memory can be lifted.

There is no lengthy recount of events needed, the initial rewind session will take around 90 minutes in total, and the effects can be felt almost immediately, in the form of deep relaxation and a sense of release, and over the coming days this feeling settles in and becomes your new normal.

If you have experienced traumatic birth and are concerned that it is having a long term effect on you and your family then please call me to discuss whether the 3 step rewind technique for traumatic birth recovery is suited to you

Rewind will take place over 2 sessions at a cost of £100. This can be taken as a stand-alone therapy, but for a more holistic and balanced healing experience I recommend that a course of 3 massage treatments be taken as well to help the body realign and eliminate the physical remnants of the stress experienced. If this is all booked together it is at a total cost of £200.

Holistic massage on Bodmin Moor nr Launcestn

Positive pregnancy and birth coaching

I want every woman who is giving birth to feel like an absolute goddess, to feel confident, supported, loved, fierce, beautiful and all powerful! I have combined my experience as an active birth teacher with all the holistic mindset and personal growth tools I utilise to provide you with the ultimate pregnancy and birth preparation.

Within our coaching session you will gain all the education you could possibly want about birthing actively, you will both better understand the process of birth and how you can support it naturally. Your partner will feel confident in how to support you during labour and birth and beyond. We will deal with anxiety, fear, choice, self-worth, communication and birth language. These sessions are built around building confidence in yourself, opening up communication between you as a couple, releasing fear, owning your choices and your birth experience. There is a combination of practical elements (massage, nutrition, optimal positions etc) Mindset work (journaling and affirmation creation) Spiritual (meditations, hypnotherapy and personal connections) and personal coaching (goal setting, decision making, communication)

Each sessions is developed with you in mind. You will receive a comprehensive ABC birth planning guide as well as a personalised E book which is your very own positive active birth manual for you to refer to and study.

For full details of what is covered in the course please email me.

Complete coaching is taken over 6 hours, either over 2 or 3 sessions. At a cost of £300 included in this is a 1 hour pregnancy massage.