Virtual healing

Lock down and isolation getting you down? Anxious about what's going on in the world? Needing some peace, positivity and me time? Then read on…

Fusion Massage

Ask yourself, where do I want to go? Set the intention and I will take you there…

Fusion massage is just that, a fusion of all my years’ experience in a variety of techniques, helping taut tight muscles relax and a busy mind to settle. Combining deep tissue techniques to release tension, lymphatic drainage strokes to release toxins, reiki energy to rebalance and Lomi lomi strokes to hold and nurture, the benefits are vast and available for all to enjoy, from all ages, backgrounds and lifestyles.

Stiffness and soreness in the body can be due to a wide range of physical and emotional factors from an overly energetic session in the gym or carrying a heavy toddler, to poor posture through being seated at a desk all day or excessive driving. Late night lambing, or a fall from your horse. Emotional tension and the day to day stresses play a big part too, headaches and migraines caused by a stiff neck and shoulders, digestive problems, migraine, low immunity, chronic fatigue and even depression can be helped by holistic fusion massage.

All treatments I offer are holistic, which means 'whole' describing therapies that treat you as a 'whole person'. Whole body and mind it is not just about treating the symptoms, you are not just a list of symptoms.

By being curious about the cause, whether it be internal or external. The intention can then be set to rebalance the body and mind so wellness and balance is restored.

Allow the body and mind the space and time to relax, rebalance and heal.

“After 3 years of pain in my hip, knee and shoulder I decided to see Persephone. After just 2 sessions I am now virtually pain free and can do things I have not been able to for a long time, she has magic hands”
Denise, Bodmin

Sessions can be 1 hour for £50, 90 minutes for £75 or 2 hours for £100. Allow an extra 30 minutes of your time for consultation, there is no charge for this. Expect to get quite oily, I use an organic balm, which is beautiful but if you have long hair you may want to tie it up.