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Massage on the Moors
Codda, Bolventor,
Launceston, Cornwall PL15 7TJ

07941 511 819

Weekdays 10 am and 1pm, Saturdays 10am, 1pm and 4pm, Evenings Monday and Friday 7.30pm

Map and Directions


> Directions from Bodmin (approx. 20 mins drive)
> Directions from Launceston (approx. 15 mins drive)
> Directions from Liskeard (approx. 25 minute drive)

Part of the unique experience of coming to me for your massage is the beautiful location. Nestled in the middle of the moors, peaceful and quite stunning, the trees are bearded with lichen, you will hear a cuckoo in the spring, and often be greeted by cows! What this does mean however is that the track to the house is a bumpy farm track, with a small stream to ford. If you would rather not drive down (sports cars are a definite no!) Then simply let me know and you can park by the top gate and I can meet you and drive you down, or it is a lovely walk on a sunny day!