Choose love

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by Persephone Moir


I ache for a time when people could be in a space together without a feeling of fear and anxiety.

As I turned over my Calendar on July 1st this lovely picture of my daughter on holiday in France is there. It was taken at a time before covid-19, when people just went about their business. You will notice in this picture we are all in fact socially distant by today’s standards, because let’s face it, most people when given the option and opportunity will keep their distance. The thing is it was a choice, and a choice based on respect of others need for space and our own need for privacy. Socially distant now is based on fear and necessity.

Being hugely sensitive I am honestly finding this change to a new normal a challenge. Not because I fear the virus, not because I fear a spike or surge in cases, that may or may not happen, there is only one way to find out, the need to reopen society is real. But I feel tpeople's anxiety, I feel the fear, I abhor that this fear and anxiety can at any moment topple over into aggression and hate.

So I didn’t rush out to get my haircut on July 4th, or meet my friends at the pub just because I was told I could (no judgement if you did!) because my enjoyment of life isn’t about doing these things, it is about feeling relaxed, it is the experience as a whole.

I know that in time the ‘new normal’ will actually become normal. Remember travelling after 9/11? It all seemed scary and weird, the extra security, the lack of liquids, clear bags, small bottles only, it felt like a police state, there was anxiety around doing the right thing, lots of fear. But now (well the now before covid-19!) we all understand the rules, we pack our mini bottles in clear bags without a 2nd thought, the extra security at airports feels normal, in fact reassuring.

Yet even with this understanding that it will settle down in time in one way or another I crave the simplicity of life that was pre C-19, a life where we could take responsibility for ourselves to stay safe and healthy fully understanding the risks/benefits of our choices.

I feel the fear of those for whom the risk of catching this virus is very real, as they see the world opening up, they are feeling vulnerable and scared, these people deserve to be surrounded with comforting and loving words, not hatred and rhetoric around what may or may not happen. Suddenly everyone and their wife is a medical expert, the talk of influxes of people bringing their germs, it is unhelpful and spreading something far worse and damaging than any virus, it is spreading fear and anxiety.

I feel the fear and anxiety of those who have no choice but return to work after being told it was not safe for so long, when you enforce a lockdown through fear, the return is going to be difficult, lets not feed that fear, let us comfort and spread love and understanding by being respectful, by listening, by understanding and not judging.

I think it is important that we remember as human beings we are all able to make the choice to take a step back and observe the situation without judgement, to sit with our own responses and feelings, even when they are uncomfortable and take a moment before we respond or react.

I implore you to check in with what is motivating your choices, and ask, is it helpful, is it necessary, and what can you do to help?

I know that I can go to a beach, go to the woods, walk on the moors, go to the shops and anyone I come across I will treat with the same level of respect and space that I would have done previously, and I feel loved and respected every time another person does this for me. It is possible to change the vibe, to feed love, respect and value into our new choices, as opposed to making choices based on fear, anxiety or mistrust, it will feel a lot better with the same results.

I have been blessed with this picture on my calendar as a reminder of the fact that as humans we did and do respect each other, we can give each other space with ease when we chose to do so. Find your memory picture that reminds you of this too, remember a time where people showed you respect and gave you space just because it is in our nature to do so. It is still there. Remember that before Covid-19 people didn’t go around coughing in your face, businesses did keep their customers safe by being hygienic because that was the right thing to do, all of this is actually normal at its basis, we just need to  re-enter the world with our minds firmly rooted in love and respect not fear and anxiety.

Choose love x

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