Blissful boundaries

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by Persephone Moir


Blissful boundaries

I feel truly blessed to be able to share the bliss that is lomi lomi massage, it is such a beautiful heart felt massage to both give and receive. Yet I have found that the nakedness of the client and perhaps the use of the words bliss and pleasure seems to attract a myriad of misunderstanding that lomi lomi massage is in some way a sexual thing, it is just another way of loosely veiling a sex service as a spiritual and healing practice-please rest assured it is not.

Lomi lomi is indeed a very special massage, interestingly a lot of the words I would automatically use to describe it do have sexual undertones…

Intimate is one of my go to words. The dictionary definition of intimate is closely acquainted, familiar, private and personal, yet it does have an inference of a sexual nature. Some alternative words offered are Affectionate, confidential, cosy, loving, warm, cherished and close. And I will happily take on all of those adjectives. Lomi lomi is very different and special due to how cherished and loved you feel. There is a closeness, a sense of being held, it is a truly beautiful, non-sexual intimate massage.

Sensual, is another word that I feel is right to use, but again this has sexual undertones, the dictionary definition is ‘relating to or involving gratification of the senses and physical, especially sexual, pleasure’. Yet really sensuous simply means experience through the senses. And lomi lomi massage offers all the sensations of bliss and joy through non sexual touch, this is why the genital area remains covered throughout. Some alternatives offered are pleasurable, rich, luscious, luxurious, exciting, pleasure loving, opulent, lush and deep. Again, I will happily take all of these words to describe lomi lomi massage.

Let it be known that lomi lomi massage, also known as loving hands massage is the goddess of all massages, an opportunity to be held close, loved and cherished, deeply and luxuriously connected with your source, giving the opportunity to find pleasure, opulence and lusciousness in your own existence. Sounds good huh!

So why the nakedness?  Why the pelvic drape?

Lomi lomi has a beautiful flowing style, the lomi lomi stroke flows over the whole body from top to bottom in a delightful wave. It works on top and underneath your body, the flow is never the same, there is no routine, I am guided to where your body needs to be worked. Your body is mostly uncovered to enable this flow. There is no dance and tuck of towels, no breaking the body down into parts. You are one, you are whole and lomi lomi massage honours this. I do sometimes work with more of the body covered, this will usually be due to temperature, but sometimes if it helps a client feel more relaxed or less vulnerable then I will of course respect this, and respect the client’s boundaries. We are all on our own journey and for some being naked is very challenging.

 Likewise, I do request the same respect of boundaries, hence the pelvic drape. It is of great importance to me to keep this area covered. Lomi lomi is not a naturist massage, it is not an opportunity to ‘let it all hang out’ simply because you are comfortable with nakedness. I do work very closely with your body and to allow the flow of energy and healing I need to not be concerned with accidently coming up against parts of your body which are not part of the lomi lomi massage. It is inappropriate within this setting, and uncomfortable for all, so pelvic drapes enable beautiful and loving flow, do not let this boundary block or stifle your opportunity to blissful loving healing, we are not talking sexual bliss, but deep, soul level bliss.

It is important for me to establish this boundary, and talk about the reasoning openly. I do not wish to perpetuate any shame around sex and desire. There is no shame in desiring sexual contact, there is no shame in feeling aroused sexually, but these are your own feelings, your own responses and nothing to do with myself or anything that I do. The intent behind lomi lomi massage is for you to feel the best you have ever felt, to allow and release emotional and physical tension. The space to unburden yourself, to be heard, to be held, both energetically and physically, it is space to grow, to let go, to feel loved and accepted for everything that you are, everything that you feel, pure acceptance and connection, pure universal love.

Boundaries are for bliss...with love x




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