Deep bliss massage

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by persephone moir


When did feeling good stop being the very reason for living? As children we are fuelled by feelings that are pleasurable, we seek out happiness, we expect and demand it, yet often as adults the value of pleasure is lost.

I talk a lot about feelings, about happiness, sadness, pleasure, pain, but have had a massive realisation this week (thank you journaling!) Feeling good, pleasure, joy has stopped being a thing for me, in fact, thinking back I am not sure it ever was, apart from in my much frowned upon and dismissed 90’s drug fuelled rave bliss that I existed in!

The moments in my own life that contained the most pleasure, the most joy have been dismissed as hedonistic, selfish, harmful and unreal as they were drug induced. But I am starting to realise that this is a false story that I carry.

Don’t switch off yet, I am not about to tell you all to go take a love dove and put on some Carl Cox but think back to a time when you felt free to exist in utter pleasure, think back to a time where your body and mind were pumped up with endorphins, where you felt you could do anything, be anything, and that to feel pleasure, to exist in a state of bliss was totally acceptable.

For me, the music of my era of bliss still evokes feelings of love, of excitement that I rarely experience these days, and why is that? Because I choose not to, because I have sold myself a story that pleasure, that feeling good for no other reason than how good it feels is of no value.

This, I am pleased to say is an ever-changing story, through journaling, meditation, healing, connection, massage and love I am beginning to put more value on pleasure, because, in the words of Sonique “It feels so good”

Lomi Lomi massage is like a drug to me, during my training I experienced moments of such intense bliss that I felt like I was ‘back in the day’ I felt free, alive, open, like I could fly, connected, and the world was just so beautiful, honestly, this stuff is addictive, but unlike drugs it is not harmful, or illegal (yay!)

For years I have played around with the notion of making others feel good, my work has always been deeply rooted in pleasure, yet my conditioning, my false stories have always made me justify my choices as something other than pleasure. Every job I have ever done I have conditioned as having a deeper meaning than plasure, as if pleasure in itself was not enough motivation. Everything I have done in my life I had to be the best (or exceptionally good at it) to bother with the effort, there had to be a point to it other than just feeling good, other than I enjoyed doing it. I am not sure why this is, where exactly this has come from, but this stops now., in both my professional and personal life I am making pleasure and joy the pivitol point, my reason for being and doing!

The massage that I offer is deeply effective, yep I can help with back and neck pain, I can help a misaligned pelvis, sciatica, yes can help that, migraine, bring it on, but rarely do I sell myself as a giver of pleasure, of joy, of deep bliss, I have undervalued these things for too long!

I fear being misunderstood, blissful pleasurable massage, sensual yet not sexual. And this is where so much of my limitations have been rooted. I fear that people will misunderstand this beautiful massage as something sordid, (not that sexual is sordid-that is a whole other blog!) But what I offer is beyond sexual pleasure, it transcends sex, yet like that wonderful drug fuelled bliss era, it is deeply sensual and free, and that is just bloody wonderful!

“I needed total release and relaxation but this takes you fully beyond the state of bliss. Lomi Lomi, as a whole body holistic massage, works so deeply to release any tensions and is also a beautiful delightful treatment that all you can do is allow your senses to surrender to the serpentine rhythm of this flowing sensuous massage”

I am proud to say that I am a giver of deep bliss massage, and boy it really does feel so good!

The point of this blog? Two things really, one is to show you how curiosity of feelings, of stories, of beliefs we carry can lead to wonderful life changing realisations, and to give you permission to feel good again, if like me you have lost your way a little, come and rediscover how good it fells to surrender to bliss, to pleasure, to joy!

Do you want to experience more bliss in your life, do you want to surrender to deep intense pleasure? Then Lomi lomi may be just the thing for you! Call, email or message me today, welcome more pleasure into your life!

 He ‘Olina Leo Ka Ke Aloha – Joy is in the voice of love.



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