Happiness matters

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by persephone moir


Thinking, feeling, being

IKE-the world is what you think it is

Part of my Lomi lomi massage training was in the 7 principles of Huna, I have taken each of these principles and expanded on them further. These 7 principles have had a profound effect on my life and how I choose to live it, some are more relevant than others on a daily basis but they all serve to remind me to live my life with connection and love, I hope you enjoy reading about these principles and how they can have a positive effect on your life and experience especially when combined with the beautiful experience of Lomi lomi massage, true massage with soul.

Somebody once said to me that everything is just a state of mind, that the negative effects of life, of other people’s choices, of illness is all just in your mind, and that to feel better about anything all you need to do is change your mind.

Now my immediate reaction to this is to call bull! You can’t tell me that some of the suffering that happens to people in the world is purely in their mind. That all the families with homes and families destroyed in war torn Syria just need to choose happy, that the family with the child fighting cancer just need to cheer up and see the bright side, that the mum destroyed by PND simply needs to chill out and count her blessings, but then perhaps my reaction is based on my own perception of other people’s suffering, my own frustrations at the cruel pointless suffering caused by war and illness, of my need to justify my own PND, don’t tell me I just needed to cheer up and notice all that was great in the world.

But then, once I get over myself and let go of my anger and perceived offense at this notion I can see a lot of evidence to support the idea that how we experience life doesn’t necessarily have to be the bad bag that we are thrown, and that in shifting our focus we can shift how we experience life.

Life isn’t what happens to you, it is how you choose to respond to it.

Currently my number one reminder of this comes in the form of a beautiful little girl called Ivy, Ivy is 4 and is battling cancer like a true warrior princess. Now I don’t know Ivy all that well, I do know her parents and I can see in their eyes the pain and fear that comes with having a child battle this terrible disease, and I also see the pictures of Ivy poorly, resting, fighting, but do you know what I see more often than not, I see pictures of Ivy smiling, of her enjoying life as best she can, I see pictures of her with her little brother Sunny (no name was ever more appropriate!) living life and finding joy and wonderment in everything as only young children do! I see the gratitude of her parents being truly in the moment and taking every beautiful day they have with their amazing family and sucking it all up, every precious moment. this is IKE.


This beautiful little family could literally sink under the strain of cancer, but they don’t, they rise up because through the eyes of their children they experience a life that is full of rainbows and unicorns and beauty, they choose to respond to the dark days with sunshine and sparkle. I thank Ivy and her family for choosing to battle this terrible disease with such grace and beauty and welcoming all the love and beauty offered to them. I feel humbled by the strength Ivy shows and my heart breaks every time she struggles but seeing the love that she is surrounded by literally makes my heart grow bigger. I choose not to focus on my frustrations and anger that this can happen to one so young and innocent, I choose to see the beauty and strength and take inspiration from this. Ivy, you rock, don’t ever forget that! And all families fighting this fight, I send you love, and light.

Another wonderful example of ike in action is the amazing flying seagulls project that brings the circus to refugee camps across Europe. One of their mottos is that ‘happiness matters’. They bring a moment of happiness into the lives of children who have been through some of the most traumatic and terrifying experience’s that war can bring. And these children are able to step out of that trauma and pain and experience this happiness by channelling IKE, that by changing their thoughts they can change their experience, right now. This group coming into their world creates a moment of safety, a moment to be able to connect to the present. To see the wonderful effect that these people have on the children’s world check them out here www.theflyingseagullproject.com

How do you see the world around you? When life is dealing you a poor hand it really can seem like everything is bad, like there is little or no point in carrying on. You may feel angry, sad, alone, bereft with little or no good in your world, and all these feelings are totally valid, but by channelling the principle of IKE you have the ability to change your experience of the world. By changing your thoughts from that of pain and lack to that of beauty and wonderment you can shift your perception and therefore your life experience.


Shit happens, that’s for sure, but you do not need to let that define who you are and how you feel today, be more like Ivy, happiness matters, you matter.

If you are feeling overwhelmed or limited by your current state I invite you to take a step today towards shifting your perception of life, I welcome you to my space of healing, of pleasure, of joy, I welcome you with open heart and loving kindness to experience a new state of being, an awakening into bliss through body work.

The world if what you think it is-think beautiful kind thoughts today, you are beautiful, you are unique, you are loved.




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